Tanlup checkout proposal

UX/UI design

Re-designing the user experience during the checkout for Tanlup


Tanlup is a Brazilian e-commerce marketplace platform whose main goal is helping the artisans live from what they are passionate about: their art. Tanlup's idea has always been to create tools that allow designers, illustrators, stylists, craftsmen, musicians and so many other creative professionals to sell their creations online in a practical and low-cost way.

In order of increasing the number of purchases of goods in the marketplace and making the process of purchasing easier for the customer, the checkout needed to be changed to a more practical and simple way.

The process

During the process, I was responsible for the user experience research and for re-organizing the information architecture. Then, I started the studies based on the new experience during the checkout. The first step required was the inclusion of the Guest Checkout which the customer can finish the purchase skipping the steps of registration, without commitment.

Developed at Tanlup
August, 2015
São Paulo, Brazil
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