Service design

Personalizing cosmetics for unique beauty for people from Generation Z.


The proposal was building a product service system for Les Comestiques, a cosmetic brand from Carrefour group, in order to improve their relationship focusing on the people from Generation Z.

This generation was born between 1996 and 2012, they are from a digital native generation: they have never known a world without the Internet, smartphones or iPods and, because of that, they are hyper aware.

The team could interviewed 8 different teenagers for the public research and which aspects we could improve for the new product. After the interviews and desk research, we could understand better the public we were talking to and we decided to build a product that could be mixed in differents ways depending on the customer's personal taste, making an unique product.

After the interviews, it was perceived that they: don’t see difference between genders, embrace diversity, high importance of the friendship network, consciousness about their objectives, but only in the short term. High importance given to body care and wellbeing, self education with tutorials and blogs, prefers brands that are original and represents their personality, self-motivated to run their own professional businesses.

How it works

"Sireno" is a service that provide a cosmetic product that is good for everyone with no distinctions, but still personalized quickly for a unique individual experience. All with an eye to sustainability, trying to recover our carbon footprint on the planet.

Sireno means "male" mermaid in Italian, it represents a mermaid which cannot be seen as male or female. The mermaid has been a representative figure for transgender and agenders, because they don’t have the lower parts.

The concept

The idea is for people personalizing their products for their unique beauty, mixing the ingredients, sharing their product and get published on Sireno platform!

It is a body cream with a neutral taste. It would be sold in a packaging that incentivates thinking about how to use it to create their own taste.

Partners: Bahar Bakir and Federico Artusi
March, 2016
Milan, Italy
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