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Discover Milanese culture through the hidden stories behind its objects.


RicordaMI is a cultural platform-based service created to preserve and promote local Milanese cultural heritage, by supporting the activities of public cultural institutions like MUDEC - Museo Delle Culture. Through the active involvement of Citizens, Museums’ Staff and Communication Design Students, the service allows to collect stories and memories from the personal past of Milanese people - stories that are linked to the public and private objects of use that have shaped the local culture during the years.

This aims at the creation of a collective database accessible by everyone for consultation - to share the local intangible heritage with all the community -, but above it aims at the organization of periodical exhibitions inside the Museums - to present this heritage to the citizens and to the tourists of all the parts of the world.

How it works

Citizens can actively contribute to the service by uploading personal memories and pictures related to a object of use on RicordaMI web platform, while younger citizens can “hunt” for stories and upload material for citizens who are not familiar with internet.

The most relevant stories and materials available on the platform are selected from the Communication Design Students of Politecnico, who are involved in this task through workshops or university courses; the selected storytellers are interviewed by students, that record high quality videos to provide materials for the exhibition.

Mudec (or other museum) staff then uses the audio/video materials produced from the students and the real objects to organize periodical exhibitions. The selected citizens receive a free entrance and a free catalogue of the exhibition, while all the platform contributors get a discounted ticket and a special mention in RicordaMI ʻwall of fameʼ.

The project

The project has been developed, at Politecnico di Milano, to meet the requirements of Comune di Milano (Milanese Municipality), who aimed at collecting new “collaborative, hybrid and digital” service ideas to implement in different fields of their public services offer - in our case, focusing on the field of Culture and Local Heritage. The design process has actively involved different actors top-down (the Municipality) and bottom-up (Milanese citizens of different ages, who’ve taken part at an in-field co-design session held at Figino neighborhood in June 2015).

Partners: Marta Violetta, Valeria Lesma, Yanyan Fu
June, 2015
Milan, Italy
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