Rice and bean

Strategic design

Providing healthier food options for people in need of them.


Little infrastructure for the distribution and preservation of food. Food is often spoiled or lost during distribution. In other places, healthy food options are simply unavailable or community members lack the knowledge to make healthy food choices. Another constraint is access to capital, both for small businesses providing healthy food and potential customers. How might we provide healthier food options for people in need of them?


We dedicated a moment in field to talk with people to capture their thoughts and understanding about healthy food. Talking with members of the community and experts to learn from people.

And from this research, we discovered that people based in São Paulo couldn't get time enough to prepare a healthy meal or find the supermarkets closed after coming from work.

The solution

We spend some time in the field and talk with people to see what they think and understand about healthier food, their needs, behaviors and frustrations. Talking with members of the community and experts to learn from people. In an ideate phase we got insights based on research analyze. The team shared the stories we learned and start create new ideas. Based on the needs and behavior of people, ideas and insights analyzed we think about a collective refrigerator solution with easy access to people, the aim of providing fresh food and select a balanced way through kits with seasonal food to prepare in house or take out. Providing preparation instructions and information on better nutrition. Avoiding food waste, a more balanced supply to the population and greater incentive to culinary learning. Also there is the possibility of fewer individual refrigerators.

This refrigerator could be accessed easily by people, based inside their builds or in the streets, with kits of vegetables and seasonal food to be prepared by you, with the amount enough to avoid food waste. If you don't know how to cook, no problem! There would be some recipes with the ingredients inside the kit, so people could be more interested in creating new meals.

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