Product design

Creating consciousness for kids about gardening in a fun way


The goal was to design a product in partnership with Cometa, an association where children and young people are encouraged to appreciate the meaning and beauty of life whilst sharing everyday experiences and where the families are helped and supported in their education efforts.

As their demand, we should design something creative and innovative, based on the technologies currently owned by Cometa, according to the cultural image and style tradition of Association Cometa, but in the meantime has also business value and practical to put into the market.

How it works

In order to help kids learn about planting and green knowledge. A set of kids' toy that contains a glove with fingertips covered with hard materials, a hole opener to loose the soil, a 'superhero' belt that can carry all the equipment, a cape with logo, and a story book to tell the whole imagination.

The project

GreenMee is tool for kids for gardening. It includes a kit for digging and planting, a belt, a superhero cape, seeds and a book with the story of a superhero that wanted to save the world from the gray

Today, far from being a story, the reality is that our planet is facing environmental consequences related to human actions. And that’s why our desire is to create aconsciousness for the kids, to get themused to taking care of the environment around them. The world needs superheroes!

Partners: Alessia Viano, Ana Maria Ospina, Tan Shumeng
February, 2016
Milan, Italy
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