Multi-product experience

UX/UI design

Creating a new experience for users on virtual couture fashion.


As increasingly more products and services are sold over the Internet, it becomes all the more important to build up knowledge in e-commerce-specific user interface and user experience design. Whether a web site is an extension of a familiar off-line company, or whether it is the only touch point with an unknown company, consumers must be confident that they have significantly more to gain than to lose when entering a transaction. Losses can take the form of frustration, deception, dissemination of confidential information, as well as wasted time and money. The entire user experience must therefore be designed to induce a positive affective state by strategically addressing consumers’ concerns.

The project

The goal of the project was creating a new virtual experience for clients who wanted a personalized clothing. For that, it was important to understand the entire process of purchasing the entire fashion couture using a devise with functions of remote control and two more devices for visualizing the complete outfit.

Developed at ELSE Corp
July, 2016
Milan, Italy
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