Service design

Offering an unique combination of 3 weeks plan during the transitioning phase into a new diet.


The focus is on the transitioning moment of people who are changing into a new diet, people that decided or were forced to change their food habits: new vegetarians and vegans, People that discovered a intolerance or allergy, people that need to lose weight for esthetic or medical reasons.

We found an opportunity on helping the user to track their necessities and suggest them a plan with tips and replacements, with good recipes that show to the user the pleasure of eating, even with restrictions and different necessities.

How it works

3FORK7 is a service that offers an unique combination of 3 weeks plan, food delivery, recipes and nutritional service. On the online application, the users can choose between: gluten-free diet plan; milk-free diet plan and vegetarian diet plan. After this step, they set a date to receive the first box.

Each week, a box with ingredients, recipes and spices will be delivered. In the end of the 3 weeks plan, will be a total of 3 boxes. In the very first box, an additional kit will be delivered: an extra diet-kit, which will contain a food guide with information needed for the transition phase to the new diet, motivational cards, composed by 18 cards to help them with tips, and educational cards, which explain the ingredients that might be avoided and what they could be replaced for. The box will contain 7 recipes, tailored by our chefs, related to the 7 ingredients and daily spices, to encourage the user to discover new flavors around the world. The cork trivet with the names of the spices and their information can be transformed into a beautiful trivet in the end of the week.

In the 3FORK7 app, the user will have access to the food plan, all the recipes, the map of restaurants and shops related to their diet, an online chat with a nutritionist anytime, the 3FORK7 community, where inspirational stories about our customers’ progress will be shared. In the end of the plan, they can set an appointment with our nutritionist to talk, by video call, about the next steps.

The project

3FORK7 is a service, based on a 3-weeks-plan, for people who decided - or were forced - to change their diets. It is composed by an application, food delivery and nutritional service to support and guide the user who is crossing a transition phase with a new diet, making this adaptation easier.

We believe that 21 days are enough to start a diet that can remain as a long term habit.

Partners: Angelica Braccia, Leticia Melli, Michael Oggioni and Ruoshi Yang
February, 2017
Milan, Italy
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